The Morning After: Meta’s next-gen VR headset leaked

Meta’s Quest Pro headset is due out next month, but there are always leaks to spoil the party. In a video by Ramiro Cardenas, you can see a black headset with three cameras that resembles the minimalist look of a Project Cambria headset. Cardenas stated that many of the devices (labeled “engineering samples”) were left in a hotel room, Oh.


Ramiro Cardenas

We also took a closer look at a pair of new controllers, with a new design that replaces the previous looped ones. The packaging says “Meta Quest Pro” – so that is probably the name. The hype may have died, but technology is advancing. Expect better movement tracking, higher-quality displays, and more.

Virtual reality should get another boost in the next 12 months. Sony’s PS VR 2 headset is set to appear next year, along with Meta’s new headset. In fact, expect to hear more on PlayStation VR titles later today,

– Matt Smith

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The Flip 4 is also $100 off.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the pinnacle of its foldable smartphone lineup, but it’s also the company’s most expensive phone with a price tag of $1,800. If you’ve been eyeing one but the price is hard to stomach, there’s good news. Just a few weeks after it goes on sale, you can already grab one on Amazon for $1,600 (a $200 off). (And my favorite foldable phone, the Z Flip 4, is also on sale for $900—that’s a $100 discount.)

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The software features a redesigned lock screen.



Apple has released iOS 16 for all of us, and the theme is personalization. Apple redesigned the iPhone’s lock screen. You can now change the typeface and accent color of the on-screen clock and date to match your wallpaper more closely. You can also create multiple lock screens and associate them with specific focus modes. oh and you can make stickers from pictures, The software is available on iPhone 8 and later devices.

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4K and faster shooting speeds for less than $1,000.

Canon’s EOS R10 offers some nice features for a sub-$1,000 camera: reliable autofocus at 4K 60p, super slo-mo, a flip-out display, a built-in flash, and very fast shooting. However, the sensor can produce some rolling shutter, and for a few reasons, it’s not the best camera in low light. See our full verdict.

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The company also previewed more search features.

Roku’s new subwoofer, the Wireless Bass, costs $130. That’s $50 less than the Roku Wireless Bass Pro, and there are a few compromises. It has a 5.25-inch subwoofer, compared to the Pro’s 10-inch subwoofer, and is front-firing rather than downward-firing. There’s less oomph in the wireless bass, with 120W of peak power compared to the Wireless Bass Pro’s 250W. Roku also revealed a new version of its entry-level streaming media player, the Roku Express. The latest model comes with dual-band WiFi, which is likely to improve streaming performance. The $30 device streams video in 1080p quality, so you have to Consider other models If you want to watch TV and movies in 4K.

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A new Pixelbook was reportedly “very far away in development.”

According to an internal memo reported by ledgeGoogle is killing off its Pixelbook laptop development. This has apparently “put off” the team working on the next generation of the device. The move means that Google has officially started making laptops after experimenting with notebooks for nearly a decade. Will this mean more resources dedicated to the company Large screen version of Android,

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