Should you subscribe to Costco just to save gas?

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Why Costco Gas Isn’t Worth It.

key points

  • Costco is known for its inexpensive products, including gas.
  • Getting gas in Costa may not be worth the savings depending on several factors.
  • Costco’s notoriously long wait times, inconvenient locations, mandatory credit card use, and membership fees may not be worth the price.

About 1 in 3 (37%) Americans shop at costco, which makes it the third largest retailer in the country. There’s a good reason. Costco provides high quality items at affordable prices, including fuel. Every time I go to Costco, line for members Filling their gas tanks almost spills out the entire block. Gas is almost always cheap at Costco, but is gas worth it at Costco?

Is a Costco Gas Membership Worth the Cost?

Costco charges an annual membership fee of $60 for its Business or Gold Star members and $120 for an Executive membership. Considering the membership fee, you will need to fill your gas tank at least 34 times to cover the cost of the subscription.

Let’s say you have an 18-gallon tank and have $0.10 per gallon left at Costco, you’ll need to fill Costco 33.33 times to account for membership costs. If you don’t plan on taking advantage of any of Costco’s other benefits, your chances of getting your money back from gas are slim. You would need to fill your gas tank about three times each month for it to be worth it.

Is Costco Gas Worth the Wait?

Last week, after taking a quick trip to Costco, I noticed the same group of cars waiting for 30 minutes to fill up their gas tanks. idle for the car engine to run when the car is not in motion, waste gas and is harmful to the environment. Depending on the type of car and engine, idling uses half a gallon of fuel per hour.

Let’s say gas prices are $4 per gallon, sluggishness while waiting Taking 30 minutes to fill your gas tank wastes $1 in gas. If you have an 18-gallon gas tank, that $0.10 per gallon savings is reduced to $0.04 per gallon, not including the time you spend sitting in your car.

Is Costco Worth the Gas Drive?

Another factor to consider is that not many people live close to Costco. With 578 locations in the US and Puerto Rico, Costco has 838 warehouses worldwide. With the average car getting 25.7 miles per gallon, if you live more than 15 to 20 miles from Costco, the round trip will negate any savings you get.

Is Costco Gas Worth It?

If you shop at Costco frequently and take advantage of it regularly Other Benefits of Costco, then it may be worth filling up your tank, especially if your wait isn’t that long. You can save on fuel from other gas station chains through their loyalty programs and certain Credit Cards That Offer Gas Rewards, These rewards and loyalty programs can potentially save you more than at Costco.

Ultimately, you want to do the math yourself. Is the long wait worth saving a few dollars? In addition to notoriously long lines and inconvenient locations, you have to pay by Credit Card And make sure you stay up to date on your membership fees. So, when you plug in the numbers for your position, are you really saving by filling your tank at Costco compared to the gas station down the block? Maybe not.

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