Preview: Deathverse: Let It Die is a Colourful, Frantic Battle Royale

let it die Still alive, but it’s hard to kill many things, it’s back in a new form: Deathverse: Let It Die, Where the previous game was a sort of hybrid of a single-player action game and “rogueliteRun-based dungeon-crawler, it focuses entirely on multiplayer. They are both free-to-play as well, although upon cursory examination deathverseMany years of testing of what works and what doesn’t in the live-game space has informed that its model is a much better fit. I got some time with the game’s in-progress multiplayer build, and played a few sessions with the dev team members and staff at Supertrick Games Gangho Online Entertainment recently. Though I came with some expectations, I came away from the experience admiring its vibrant aesthetic and even the slightest anticipation of its opportunities in a crowded field.

In short, deathverse is a war royal game. Its structure will be familiar to anyone who has brushed a pubg or a Fortnite. Players jump in a session, and are pooled on the map to try to survive to be the last one standing. Various mechanisms shrink the playing area over time, forcing players to face each other, eventually resulting in a winner. Sprinkle in some RPG-style progression and you have a game that people can play for several sessions. is different from pubgsand fortniteof the world, however, deathverse Focuses on melee combat. Its combat distance and normal model range from the original . have received from let it die, but the controls are a bit simple. You choose one of five types of weapons, and are fully armed when you walk in. In the build we played, each weapon was unlocked, with a total of 15 weapons (3 variations on 5 archetypes) available at launch. When the game is fully launched, more weapons will need to be unlocked to progress through.

The selection was quite generous. Each weapon variant has a special attack and an “ultimate”, and these vary between different variants, allowing for diversity even within the same basic type of weapon. You had a weapon, which cuts and stabs in short, easily controlled attacks, or a katana, which has a long reach and can counter enemy attacks. Gauntlets can strike rapidly, while heavy hammers can spread over large areas. Finally, buzzsaws can be modified to cause damage, and can also be used to “ride” vertical walls for quick traversal. You can also equip sub-abilities raised on the field to grant special powers like invisibility. Everyone also has an energy shield that they can use to defend against attacks, or to send a wide bolt of energy. I gave each weapon a try, and thanked the hammers for their wide fields of effect. They’re especially useful because third-person melee combat can get very busy once more than two players are in the mix, so “Screw it!” It’s good to be able to shout. and begin to spin in a huge circle, damaging everything in reach.

in each map deathverse is divided into regions, which become “corrupted” over time. Zones are like nodes in a way, so instead of a smoothly collapsing circle of sphere fortnite, deathverse Puts each area on a countdown before becoming uninhabited, funneling players toward a “showdown zone”. The showdown arena is a very exciting place to end a match. Once it closes with a few players, the walls collapse and reveal a vast area full of spectators. everyone in deathverse Participating in a game show called “Death Jamboree” while competing for glory and prizes. The tone of the presentation is sleek and cynical, combining a dazzling retro-futurism with the grindhouse world of rusted blades and polished ray-guns. it works for me, and deathversethat the twisted world felt like smash tv From the Gilded Age to the Serial Killer. It helps that the character models look slick and well realized. The game, narratively speaking, is a sequel to let it dieTechnically happening centuries after the original game, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t play enough let it die Also remembering what the story of that game was, so I can’t really speak of that as any narrative connection.

In any given match, your enemies are with you in more than just 15 other contestants in the arena. The areas are also full of cryptids, wandering creatures that range from harmless to intimidating. You’ll want to do some fighting to build up your “voltage” (your health), but beware of distractions – a player may take the chance to sneak up on you for a quick kill.

And then there are the hunters. once per match, deathverse Opens a Hunter: A very powerful NPC who targets players in an attempt to spice things up for the audience. There are three Hunters available at launch: codenamed Q, G, and M. Each also behaves completely differently. The Hunter Q is a standard melee beast. She chases down any players she meets and latches onto them with custom fist weapons. The other two hunters are more unique. Hunter G is a sniper, and targets a single player with a highly visible target marker and laser sight alone. Let the marker count down, and G executes you with a precise gunshot. But you can lose your mark by attacking the other player, like “Tag, you’re it!” play. The timing is right and you can get G to execute someone else instead.

Hunter M is the most entertaining. M begins in a match as a harmless floating UFO creature that players can shoot down. shoot em down and you to become The Hunter, your face is covered with an alien tentacle slug and your body is a . lifted up like jojo’s bizarre adventure The character, constantly posing to defend against weapon attacks. As M, you have almost unlimited health, but a very limited countdown. Your task is to kill the other player before the countdown is over, or else you Instead, explode. hunters will roam on a weekly basis deathverseseasons, and more will be added over time.

Big question mark on the economy of deathverse As a free-to-play game. Developers Supertrick and Gangho are leaning into a Battle Pass-like system called “Jamboree Pass,” which unlocks cosmetics like weapons and character skins as you progress. There are tons of cosmetic options available, with tons of interesting costumes, projections to embellish on your energy shield, accessories for your little “Wilson” friend—the drone, and even accessories for your personal room. Too. Players can earn a number of unlocks independently through a crafting system, which uses materials to scavenge in the arena. deathverse Matchmade supports competitive multiplayer, a no-progress exhibition mode, and “room code”-based matches. The Room Code system seems useful if you plan to stream, as it will allow you to play with select people such as friends or a group of viewers. That said, you’ll need to purchase a “Platinum”-tier Jamboree Pass to host the room-coded game.

all together, Deathverse: Let It Die The highly gun-focused battle royal is an easy game to pick up as an alternative to the title. It’s also got a unique sense of style and humor that pits it against the drab surrealism and somewhat clean-cut cartoon aesthetic of the major players. Only time will tell if it’s got the legs to make it in the long run, but my own (very) short time with it felt like a welcome change of pace.

deathverse It’s due out on September 28, 2022 for PS4 and PS5, and October 5 on PC via Steam.

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