John Oliver’s mockery of Queen Elizabeth’s death censored

UK television network Sky censored parts of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” over jokes related to death of queen elizabeth ii — and viewers are flaunting likes on Twitter.

Oliver, 45, opened the HBO show – Joe Took home the 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series at Monday night’s awards ceremony – with a joke about the Chilean president, and then added: “But obviously, we need to start with the UK, which is apparently still suffering from the natural death of a 96-year-old woman.” is in shock. Cause.”

The British American comedian mocked the bizarre group of people paying tribute to Elizabeth.

“This is a big moment that, for some reason, absolutely everyone felt they had to weigh in from Crazy Frog, who tweeted ‘RIP the Queen. [and a] The candle emoji… posted to Domino’s UK, ‘Everyone at Domino’s joins the nation and the world in mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Our condolences and condolences are with the royal family. ,

“Which, I think, is good, although if the world is mourning, they should probably tell the account of US Domino’s, whose most recent tweet as this tape is ‘If you’re reading this that means That you need pizza to confirm.’ Oliver continued, “Dominoes, get your f—king house in order! One woman is dead.”

He concludes his jokes about Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, about Elizabeth’s passing: “The Queen’s death is not the saddest thing Britain has had to deal with this week, because on Tuesday, Liz Truss Basically, if Margaret Thatcher was high on the glue, she would have become its new prime minister.”

The British version of the Emmy Award-winning show, available on Sky’s platform, cut everything between jokes about the Chilean president and Liz Truss — not leaving behind the Queen-related jabs.

Angry viewers took to Twitter to bash Sky over the censorship.

“Dear @SkyUK, tonight’s ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ had a very clear edit – gives what? assuming it belonged to the Queen?” one wrote,

John Oliver, winner of the Outstanding Variety Talk Series Award for 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver', poses in the press room during the 74th Primetime Emmys at Microsoft Theater on September 12, 2022
“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver Nabbs wins an Emmy at the awards show held at the Microsoft Theater on September 12 in Los Angeles, California.
Fraser Harrison / Getty Images

“Don’t censor my @LastWeekTonight. I’m British, I’m a monarchist and I can joke!!!” One user tweeted angrily, “The coverage and forced mourning are getting out of hand here.”

“@iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight Any idea why the segment covering the death of the Queen was cut from the latest episode of Sky Comedy? Was anyone upset?” Said another,

“Very disappointed by @SkyUK censorship of @LastWeekTonight with @iamjohnoliver – we condemn other countries for this kind of behaviour. The audience has got used to his impeccable style and light-hearted comments. The ‘target’ of his comment was corporate social media,” said one user.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96.
Robert Michael / AFP via Getty Images

“We live in a country where you can’t say anything that hurts the royals,” another commented,

“@iamjohnoliver Skye cut your joke about the Queen last night. coward. Any chance you can put it here? They teased us with a picture of him and cut it really amateur,” said one person. Asked host.

This isn’t the only drama Oliver has found himself wrapped up in lately. me too The episode, which aired on September 11oliver “Law & Order” producer Dick Wolf slammedSaying that his work portrays law enforcement in a “good light”.

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He said Wolf, 75, has “a close, behind-the-scenes relationship with the NYPD, appoints officers as advisors and boasts about access to them.”

Oliver concluded, “‘Law and Order’ is never going to grapple with the reality of policing in a meaningful way.” “Because basically, the guy who’s responsible for ‘Law & Order’ and its brand is Dick Wolf, and he knows exactly what he wants his shows to do and, more importantly, do do not.”

“Last Week Tonight” won a seventh consecutive Emmy in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series category on Monday night.

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