Aaron Donald sent Rams retirement letter

Although Aaron Donald‘s retirement threats Once his record-setting contract was passed by a handful of defensive players, the future first-ballot Hall of Famer swung into action on that front in May. Donald’s agent sent a letter to the Rams informing him of his intention to retire from the seven-time All-Pro, NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reports,

letter, addressed Roger GoodellSending, never ended. But by May 9, 31-year-old Donald remained unsatisfied that he told the team he would leave. The Rams had begun talks with Donald about renegotiated their deal – a six-year, $136MM deal that lasted until 2024 – months ago, but Rapoport says talks didn’t look promising in late spring. Donald’s retirement intention – be it actual or negotiating tactic – certainly had an impact.

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Shortly before the Memes received the letter in May, Donald and his agent held a Zoom call with team executives to discuss the contract. Retirement rumors had swirled since the arrival of Super Bowl LVI, and Rapoport said the Rams had begun discussing how to properly celebrate Donald’s career at one point. But the conversation took on a more positive tone in the days and weeks that followed, leading to the historic rise of Donald – Three-year, $95MM settlement Which didn’t add a year to Donald’s previous Rams deal in June.

Except for first-round quarterbacks, teams rarely make extensions for players who have more than a year of control left. Donald agreed to a six-year deal in 2018 – a year after a contract holdout expired in the regular season – this time limiting his options. Khalil McKayThe Bears’ expansion came in north of $1MM (AAV-wise) in the days following Donald’s initial Rams re-up. In the three subsequent seasons, Miles Garrett, Joy Bossa, TJ Watt And Max Crosby Signed contracts that topped Donald’s average salary. Watt’s $28MM-per-year expansion took Donald more than $5MM, placing Rams Dynamo in an unusual place to be arguably the game’s best player, but slipping well past the pace of the contract.

Donald’s agent proposes a plan to add money to Donald’s deal but no new year, notes Rapoport. In addition to turning up the possibility of the effect his absence had on the Rams’ defence, the timing of Donald’s retirement letter also included the position of the Rams’ hat. Donald retiring before June 1 would have meant a $21.5MM Rams cap hit. After the financially important June 1 date, the Donald hit would have fallen to $9MM. This gave the Rams a clear incentive to speak with Donald rather than send his retirement letter to the league office.

Ram had already raised Matthew Staffordwho was going into a contract year, and talking with cooper coup, The All-Pro slot receiver had two years left on the 2020 extension. Kupp is now signed on for a longer period as well. Of the Rams’ three major 2022 contract agreements, only Donald has zero years. Ram too Donald’s deal included a no-trade clause, Donald’s 2024 Money (through $30MM, $20MM Option Bonus and $10MM Base Pay) is not guaranteed until the 5th day of the 2024 League Year. This appears to be the next main point on Donald’s timeline.

Although the edge rusher market went far beyond Donald’s second Rams contract, no defensive tackle secured a deal north of the Rams superstar’s previous $22.5MM-AAV value. The Rams rewarding Donald also stands to benefit the inner D-linemen. Donald’s $31.7MM-per-year average sits at $10.7MM north of the terms of any other de-tackle. One Forest Buckner And Leonard Williams Tied to $21MM-per-year salary. Chris Jones The $20MM-AAV is in the third year of the agreement. Jones, Titans’ Jeffrey Simmons And potentially others in a position to bridge the gap between Donald and the realm in the not-too-distant future.

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