3 Zodiac Signs with Difficult Signs on September 14, 2022

On September 14, 2022, three zodiac signs will have a bad day. But, what is it about this day that makes it difficult for some zodiac signs?

While this week isn’t promising more than a headache due to frustration and potential rejection, there isn’t much going on, and it’s definitely something we can all deal with.

We are looking at how certain transits bring conflict in the lives of people born under certain zodiac signs.

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These difficulties aren’t brutal or intense, but they are annoying, and that’s what’s going to pop into our minds this week; The idea that we can’t have what we want because someone is standing in the way of us getting it.

We are looking at the moon Uranus, which will give us the impression that we should just ‘go for it’ and when we go ‘for it’ we will meet the forces that make the moon Saturn, which is a block of Will act as such, so that we will not be allowed to go further.

This can take the form of an authority telling us a clear, ‘no’ or a rule that we may not take seriously. Yet, when we don’t take it seriously, we get less than we want.

This week isn’t going to take away anything from us, but it makes us want more, and when we decide it’s time to get what we want, we end up with much less than what we started. So, it’s not so much about greed as it is about weighing our options.

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